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Globe in shape, Deep red/purple color.
Moderate in pungency & more flossy in nature.
High yielding & adapts well to wide range of growing conditions.
Tolerate to bolting & joint bulb formation.
Duration : 95 days after transplantation.
Storage : 2-3 months.
Seed/Acre : 3kg

Globe to Flat-globe in shape and red in color.
Attractive shiny red color of bulb perfect for higher market value.
Highly tolerant to bolting & joint bulb.
High yield.
Duration : 80-90 after transplantation.
Storage : 3-4 months.
Seed/Acre : 3kg.

Deep dark red colour, globe shape, medium pungency, compact high yielding Varity.
Duration : 90-95 days after transplantation.
Storage : 2-3 month.
Seed/Acre : 3kg.

Colour Light red bulb with minor reddishness on surface.
Two layers dries at a time which preserves bulb Infection & wt. loss during storage.
Storage : 8-9 months.
Shape : Flat round.
Duration : 110-120 days after transplantation.
Seed/Acre : 3kg.

Oval-flat in shape & moderate in size
High pungent ,excellent T.S.S. Suitable for vinegar & dehydration for export quality.
Highly tolerant to black fungus.
Duration : 100-105 days after transplantation.
Storage : 3 months.
Seed/Acre : 3kg.

Flat-globe in shape & uniformity, pinkish-yellow in color.
Its main asset is its excellent storage abilities.
Very productive, medium pungent.
Duration : 110-120 days after transplantation.
Storage : 8-9 months.
Seed/Acre : 3kg.

This variety is light red segment for khariff in Maharashtra & South India FOR rabbi throughout Inda.
Color Light red to falnt radish and low weight loss in storage.
Tolerant to fungai attack in storage.
Two layers variety.
Storage capacity:8-9months.
Shape : Round.
Gets best market price.
Duration : 110-120 days after trans.
Seed/Acre : 3kg.

Resistance to water stress and climate change.
Good or Gujarat, Rajastan & North India, Estern India.
Storage capacity:2-3 months.
Shape : Round.
Gets best market price
Duration : 90 days after transplantation.
Seed/Acre : 3kg

It is pure yellow in color with thin outer layer having golden appearance.
also used for ornamental & salad purpose.
Single centre with blg size of above 80mm up to 110 mm.
Good for export.
Storage : 2-3 months.
Shape : Oval round.
Gets best market price
Duration : 100-105 days after transplantation.
Seed/Acre : 3kg.





Nasik Red Red Oldest variety, Sowing round the year.
A.F.D.R. Purple Red Low storage capacity, fleshy surface.
Baswant-780 Red Impressive bulb, Shining layer, late kharif.
Phule Smarth Red Ablong bulb with dark patches, kharif & late kharif.
Light Red (Gavran) Yellowish Red Flat oval in shape, Good for Rabbi.
A.F.L.R Pinkish Red Flat oval in shape, rabbi variety.
N-2-4-1 Pinkish Red Flat oval with whiteness on surface.
Fursungi Yellowish Red Good for storage, Globe in shape, & huge size.
White Marglobe White Globe in shape & high pungent.
Description, Illustrations/photos and disease resistance etc. are based on the results obtained under favorable conditions and certain races of pathogen at company R & D. Result may vary according to soil& dimactical conditions.
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