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Supported by Scientific team consist of Ph.D's and Master Degree holders with vast experience in plant breeding, Laboratory aided research, aiming to provide growers with superior seeds. The Scientific team is supported by a team of highly trained technical personnel, also academically qualified researchers.

Constantly working on various application and products to add value, improve volume, widen product base and upgrade the current product and research facilities located in a diversity of climatic zones. We conduct conventional plant breeding research on locally relevant agricultural species range in vegetables, with better yield, superior quality, and resistances to pest and diseases.

The cornerstone of our success in developing new high performance hybrids is our substantial investment in R&D.

The results of our research efforts speak for themselves and have led to many breakthroughs in disease resistance, yield, adaptability, shelf life and excellent fruit quality.

The company is working specially in Onion, Hot Pepper, Okra, Cucumber, Eggplant, etc.
We continue to increase our activities in the following areas:
The introduction of new varieties of vegetables and field crops with unmatched plant and fruit qualities.
The development of robust varieties that will resist disease and enable growers to economize on agrochemicals. Thus Environmental protection.
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